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Gift idea man

Classic wallet Lugge
Space for 12 cards/RFID
Regular price304,00 kr
    Slim Wallet
    Space for 9 cards/RFID
    Regular price304,00 kr
    • Brown
    • Black
    • Bluegreen
    • Lightgreen
    Capricorn Wallet Care
    Space for 8 cards/RFID
    Regular price266,00 kr
    • Brown
    • Black
    Classic wallet Lugge Special Edition
    Regular price304,00 kr
      Classic wallet Lugge black
      Space for 12 cards/RFID
      Regular price304,00 kr
        Classic wallet Austria Lugge
        5-12 card slots/RFID
        Regular price380,00 kr
          Classic wallet Kare
          Space for 10 cards/RFID
          Regular price304,00 kr
          • Brown
          • Black
          Jeans exchange Buam
          Space for 4 cards/RFID
          Regular price190,00 kr
            Brown belt
            Regular price228,00 kr
              RFID/NFC Blocker Card Sleeves SET OF 3
              Space for 3 cards
              Regular price114,00 kr76,00 kr
                Classic wallet coat of arms Lugge
                Space for 12 cards/RFID
                Regular price380,00 kr
                • Eagle
                • francs
                Lenz key bag
                Space for 10 keys
                Regular price114,00 kr

                  Gift ideas for men - genuine leather wallets and bags

                  Discover an exclusive selection of high-quality men's wallets and bags made of genuine leather, perfect as a gift idea for special occasions or to give your loved ones a stylish surprise. In this category you will find a variety of handmade leather products that impress not only with their timeless elegance, but also with their functionality and longevity.

                  Our collection includes a wide range of designs to suit different styles and needs. From classic wallets with multiple compartments for cards, notes and coins to spacious briefcases and backpacks for today's modern man, you'll easily find the right accessory here.

                  Each piece in our selection is made from carefully selected, genuine leather that develops a characteristic patina over time, giving it a personal touch. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every product not only guarantees an aesthetically pleasing design, but also first-class workmanship.

                  Whether you're looking for a gift for the style-conscious gentleman, the travel-loving adventurer or the busy professional, our selection of men's genuine leather wallets and bags offers a comprehensive range of options to suit your individual tastes and needs to fulfill the recipient. Add a touch of luxury and functionality to every day with an exquisite leather accessory that strikes the perfect balance between style and practicality.

                  Enjoy choosing a gift that not only has aesthetic value but also provides practical use in everyday life. Dive into our collection of genuine leather wallets and bags and find the ideal gift for today's modern man.

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