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Belts & Clothing

Brown belt
Regular price353 kr
    Black belt
    Regular price353 kr
      Hodalump Billi Hut
      3 verschiedenen Größen erhältlich
      Regular price589 kr
        Grill vest
        Regular price825 kr
        • Brown
        • Black
        Hodalump Lumpi Hut
        3 verschiedenen Größen erhältlich
        Regular price589 kr
          Men's T-shirt
          Regular price353 kr
            Size adjustable
            Regular price353 kr
              Women's T-shirt
              Regular price353 kr
                Hodalump Johnny Hut
                3 verschiedenen Größen erhältlich
                Regular price589 kr
                  Grill Handschuhe
                  Hitzeschutz bis zu 300 Grad
                  Regular price412 kr
                    Hand towel
                    Regular price353 kr

                      Handmade genuine leather belts from Hodalump & Ratschkatl: Timeless strength and durability!

                      Welcome to our collection of handcrafted belts, where durability and robustness meet distinctive style. Hodalump & Ratschkatl proudly present a selection of belts that are not just an accessory, but an expression of quality, craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

                      Our handcrafted belts are made from genuine leather with dedication and expertise. Every belt in our collection tells a story of masterful craftsmanship and a true commitment to quality. The natural leather improves over time to create a belt that only gets better with age.

                      Our belts are not only robust, but also extremely versatile. Whether you want to accentuate your style or keep a pair of trousers securely in place, our selection has a belt to suit every occasion. From classic to modern, from subtle to eye-catching – here you will find the belt that underlines your personality.

                      The handmade belts from Hodalump & Ratschkatl are not only a statement in terms of style, but also an investment in quality and longevity. No matter whether you wear them in everyday life or on special occasions, they will be by your side and perfectly round off your wardrobe.

                      Discover our collection of handmade genuine leather belts now and experience the combination of tradition and modernity, strength and elegance. With a belt from Hodalump & Ratschkatl you will not only hold your pants, but also consolidate your style.

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